My full name is Vsevolod Geraskin, where the first name comes from old Russian meaning the owner of everything. While my parents had big plans for me, I can never take a phrase live up to my name quite seriously. Simply call me Sev, which doesn’t break your tongue and spares me from having Tsarist ambitions.

A bit about myself

Born in USSR, but left Russia as a kid coming to Vancouver with my parents and sister in 1994. Consider myself a Canadian first and foremost, but still feel affection for my native country. Went to high school in North Vancouver, but since made Burnaby my home. Love travelling, reading and watching sci fi, and playing team sports, soccer in particular. Recently, became a proud father to a healthy baby girl, who is the best thing that ever happened to me, other than my wonderful wife.

On a career front

Have over 10 years of progressive experience in various software-related roles from customer support to software developer to project lead. Graduated British Columbia Institute of Technology with Distinction in Bachelor of Technology in Computer Systems (Network Security Development and Distributed Systems options) and earned Project Management Institute’s PMP certification. Currently working at a medium-sized innovative software company as a senior software developer. Recent projects include contributing to front end web optimization product in leading application delivery controller, Android application that helps pregnant women make positive choices for their pregnancy, scalable medical records server, several secure middleware components, and implementation of pharmacy management software at over 300 organizations. Always determined to complete all my projects, I enjoy solving both business and technical problems.

On the menu

This technology blog is just another leg in my never-ending journey to learn and self-improve. Having researched and used valuable information from other blogs on my past projects, I believe its time to do some sharing of my own. I think that blogging would help me improve my writing and social networking skills. At the same time, if I manage to provide accurate and helpful articles and help someone with their work, then my goals would be achieved. Also, please forgive me if the fonts are too distracting, but I was looking for something I could put on a side of my spaceship…

…Oh yeah, and if you are still wondering what you can find on the menu here, the main course is software development with a side of project and day-to-day task management, sprinkled with spices of personal musings. The posts are divided into three main sections: projects, tutorials, and articles. Hopefully, the latter two will be of some use to you, unless you are also curious about my past projects. If you still would like to connect after reading my ramblings, I am also on LinkedIn.

Why Past 5?

Past 5 signifies the never-ending professional journey of an Information Technology consultant, whose work is not constrained by regular office hours. Past 5 is also that bit of extra effort we sometimes need to get the job done. Yes, I wrote that with a straight face. Got my inspiration while clock watching.