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Problem Statement

Nursing procedures at many care homes are inefficient. For example, recording scheduled medications given out to patients, reporting, and other day-to-day repetitive tasks are done manually. Furthermore, data exchanges between care homes and their dispensing pharmacies are often inaccurate due to human errors.

Project Description

I wrote Medadmin System on pharmacy client’s request in order to assist nurses with giving out daily scheduled medications, recording patients’ pain and reactions, and reporting in a care home environment. The online medadmin software is developed in .NET, and consists of the following components:

  • SQL Server database,
  • ASP.NET Web Services,
  • .NET Web User Interface,
  • and Crystal Reports.

Project Outcomes

The Medadmin system was deployed at a client site, but a decision was made to proceed with os-based software instead of this web-based product.

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