System Diagram of SevChat

Problem Statement

In my distributed systems BCIT option, I learned Java Stripes web framework and Erlang functional language. Naturally, I was curious about ways to connect the two together.

Project Description

The chat application uses the following components:

  • to handle chat messages and send them to users, Erlang sevchat_server,
  • to send and receive messages to/from Erlang server, java classes with OTP Erlang library,
  • to handle clients webpage functionality, stripes framework and javascript/AJAX,
  • to create and store clients logins, Erlang node settings, etc; postgreSQL database.

The user are able to do the following:

  • register themselves with their username, password, and name,
  • log in with their username and password,
  • view all connected users,
  • chat with all connected users,
  • and send private messages to selected users.

Finally, all messages are logged in PostgreSQL database.

Project Outcomes

The system works and is available on github. Also, check out Erlang server source and client source. The full report is available here.

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