Problem Statement

Marginalized women in Vancouver need a portable health record that can empower and support them through their pregnancies. Many of these women have chaotic lives and face multiple challenges that would make a paper-based pregnancy passport difficult to retain. Despite these women’s financial situations, most have an Android smartphone.

Project Description

Thrive Pregnancy is an Android application that empowers women to make positive choices for their pregnancy. The project was initiated at Hacking Health Vancouver 2014 conference by two doctors from Youth Pregnancy and Parenting and Sheway Programs. Thrive Pregnancy application enables vulnerable pregnant women to access important pre-natal information and local support resources, record text-, voice-, and picture-based diary entries, appointments and test results, and keep track of needs and questions to discuss with their care providers.

After joining doctors and project team at the conference, we decided to complete the Android application pro bono over the next two months. During the project, I led a team of five people in a project management role and significantly contributed to Android development.

Thrive Pregnancy smartphone app includes:

  • Information for women to think about and discuss with their care provider relating to their prenatal care choices;
  • Information for women to think about their needs for their pregnancy;
  • Information about the care women can expect during pregnancy;
  • A place to keep notes and a record of appointments, tests and results;
  • A list of resources in Vancouver.
Thrive Pregnancy Screenshot Thrive Pregnancy Screenshot Thrive Pregnancy Screenshot

Project Outcomes

Thrive pregnancy App was well received by YPPP and Sheway staff and clients, and user acceptance testing feedback was very positive. The first production version is published on google play store: Thrive Pregnancy at Google App Store. Furthermore, the app was featured in Coach Healthcare Information Management journal. The development of the application is still ongoing.

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