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Take your idea from 0 to MVP

Set your goals and objectives

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Make better decisions

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Simplify your cloud architecture

Reduce OpEx

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Iterate at lightning speed

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Develop yourself and your team

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Our Achievements and Expertise

We Developed

10+ Software Products, Platforms, and Solutions
With Total Revenue of $10,000,000+

We Saved

$3,000,000+ in OpEx
Leading Up to 75 percent Cloud Bill Reduction

We Hired

20+ People
While Conducting 200+ Interviews

We Trained

300+ People and Organizations in Software Adoption, DevOps, Agile, and Cloud Technologies

We Scaled

Software to Handle 100,000+ Requests Per Second and Process Terabytes of Data per Day

We Reached

95+ Percent Engagement
While Leading 8 Engineering Teams

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Sev Geraskin

♾️ Helping Your Startup Go from 0 to Infinity | Empowering Founders to Empower Others | Building Bleeding Edge Software

I am a transformational technology leader who thrives on turning ideas into reality. With a strong track record in delivering cloud products and architectures, I've consistently built high-performing teams and driven significant operational transformations. I'm recognized for my deep technical expertise, strategic business acumen, and commitment to customer service. I've saved companies millions of dollars while significantly improving efficiency and have scaled products to meet global demand. I'm passionate about forging long-term relationships and creating lasting value. With experience across a range of sectors and roles, I bring a holistic understanding of business needs to drive growth and innovation.

Testimonials ↓

Sev is the technical partner that every founder needs. Beyond that though, he is someone who will maintain tribal and technical knowledge in a way that makes him a partner at large, not just in technical conversations... ...He isn’t afraid to roll his sleeves up to understand the problems, create strategies and protocols to solve them, all while being customer centric internally and externally.

Liz Saunders

Chief of Staff, Jungle Scout

Sev had a substantial impact on my teams while working together within Mastercard on a large-scale re-platforming effort... ...Sev would be an asset for any position where technology meets an idea and has the leadership skills to scale it.

Justine Fox

Principal Product Manager, Mastercard

The engagement scores on Sev’s teams were consistently the highest across our organization and his teams delivered significant long term change including our overall AWS infrastructure and building a new set of external APIs from scratch.

Stephen Curial

CTO at Jungle Scout

The project Sev undertook in association with our firm involved collecting, combining, and displaying medication, laboratory result, and clinical note information to make it available to medical practitioners and patients... ...I am confident that results derived from the project will form the foundation of a significant advance in the distribution of health information in our province and perhaps the rest of the country.

Dennis Brox

President at Applied Robotics Inc.

Sev is exceptional for his work ethics and values. I experienced him going further miles for his customers to support them in having flawless operations and business.

Emile Farah

CEO at Emans Technologies

Sev's excellent interpersonal skills, organizational abilities, and huge work ethic quickly made him the project manager. He was able, in two days, organize a group of people who had never met before into a functioning, and fun, team. Sev is brilliant at communicating with non-technological people, learning what we, "the customer", wanted, and turning our vague and hopeful vision into working reality...

Georgia Hunt, MD, CCFP

Physician Lead at The Sheway Project

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