Past 5 Solutions Inc.

Simplify your cloud architecture, fly at lightning speed, and save money

Having built platforms that support 100,000+ transactions per second, we know that you can use simple architecture to scale your product to millions of users. We live all things cloud, and whether you are struggling with operational costs, complexity, or slow iterations - we can help you leverage the best practices to use the cloud to its potential without getting lost in the fog.

Simplify your cloud architecture

You are overwhelmed with the abundance of options and don't know where to start. We can help you build a cloud architecture that is simple, secure, and cost-effective.

Learn how we built a simple cloud platform for enterprise services in two months

Reduce operational costs

You worked hard for your revenue or to raise your funding. Why blow it all on OpEx? We can help you significantly reduce your cloud bill.

Learn how we reduced a million dollar cloud bill by 75 percent

Leverage managed infrastructure

Why hire an operational team when you can leverage managed services? With the right choices, you can start scaling your business without increasing your company's payroll.

Learn how you can deploy a scalable web app in five minutes

Iterate at lightning speed

Do your deployments take days? Do your teams wait for each other to finish their work? Your customer is waiting, and so is your business. Let us show you how to get improvements to customers faster.

Learn what to consider when moving to modular architecture to achieve faster deployments