Past 5 Solutions Inc.

Go from 0 to 100 after one call with your fractional CTO

We take immense joy in pursuing the creative and building up from scratch. Having built 10+ software products, platforms, and solutions, and hired 8+ engineering teams, we have the right experience to be your technical partner whether your startup is scaling from 0 to 1, 1 to 20, 20 to 100, or beyond. Let us go on the journey together and celebrate making your idea into reality.

Take your idea from 0 to MVP

You have a great idea but you need to figure out where to start. You need a technology partner to help you build an MVP or a POC. You are in the right place.

Learn how we built a medical record in two months to help vulnerable women track their pregnancy milestones

Set the right goals and objectives

Our brains are goal-oriented engines. You must set the right goals and objectives to get your team rowing in the same direction. Let us help you develop your technological roadmap to success.

Learn about how we set goals and objectives while remaining flexible

Hire the best talent

To build a great business, you need a great team. How do you find the right talent? What questions do you ask? We can help you write your job ad, establish salary ranges, and conduct various technical and non-technical interviews.

Learn how we brought in great people and built an engineering group from scratch

Make better decisions

Are you ready to hop on an ever-accelerating technology treadmill? With so many options, what tools would you use? We can help you select the right tech for both now and the future and facilitate buy vs build and hire vs outsource decisions.

Learn how we make buy vs build and hire vs outsource decisions