Past 5 Solutions Inc.

Raise your business on the shoulders of your giants

We led teams who have done the impossible and succeeded, whereas others have failed. "We cannot do that" is not in our vocabulary. We know that your business is your people; more than anything, we love empowering others and celebrating when people reach their potential. Our performance models work across organizations, and we can help your people do their best work.

Develop yourself and your team

You set lofty goals for this year. Now you need execution. Are your teams able to handle it? If your people are not ready, you will miss your mark. Develop your people into giants, and they will raise your business as they grow.

Learn how we help professionals overcome various personal challenges and build resilient mindset

Improve employee engagement

A single disengaged engineer costs your business 100s of thousands of dollars. Your employee engagement is a result of your company's culture, climate, and leadership. We can help you understand what you can do to improve.

Learn about what causes low employee engagement and what you can do about it

Increase team performance

Do you have a recipe for building an elite engineering team? Elite individual performance does not automatically translate into elite team performance. We are obsessed with performance and want to help you architect productive teams.

Learn about what we consider an elite engineering team

Effectively lead your teams

How do you select your leaders? What are your crucial team performance indicators? Does every member of your team know what their role is? Elite teams require elite leadership, and we can develop the best processes for your team.

Learn about how we select great leaders