Past 5 Solutions Inc.

Our Process

How We Take Your Risk Out of Your Engagement with Us

Our relationship with you matters to us above all else. We start by working with you to understand your business needs, determine your requirements, and assess the suitability of your project. We also know that your business moves fast and conditions can change, and thus we stay flexible for you.

As the next step, we work to help you set goals and objectives that align with your business needs, determine suitable incremental milestones, and produce estimates and a roadmap for delivery.

When the project ramps up and our team starts delivering milestones, we welcome your feedback at every step. We remain flexible throughout the project and keep working closely together to adjust the roadmap and milestones as necessary.

Finally, as we deliver all the milestones, we hand over the project to you, analyze what went well and could be improved, and plan any follow-up or maintenance if necessary.

Past 5 4-step Zero Risk Consulting Process