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Develop yourself and your team

How We Help Software Professionals Overcome Personal Challenges and Build a Resilient Mindset

If you...

  • are an established tech industry professional, software engineer, tech lead, architect, software manager, director, or executive.
  • desire to improve either your own or your team’s mental resilience, and performance.
  • are self-aware, able to introspect, have tough conversations with yourself, and focus on what you can do to improve yourself.
  • experienced burnout, social anxiety, impostor syndrome or elevated level of stress either in yourself or in your teams.
  • are serious about diving deep and solving these problem for good...

You may be interested in our Refactor Human personal development program.

The program provides tools and frameworks to debug and hack burnout, stress, social anxiety, coders block, problem-solving, lack of focus, mistakes, and impostor syndrome. Over a 20-year career, we experienced and solved those problems ourselves. At the same time, we developed a platform for professionals to improve mental resilience, build social skills, and overcome various personal challenges that might hold them back.