Past 5 Solutions Inc.

Set the right goals and objectives

Start with Why and End with Immediate Execution

To achieve anything, you need a reason why you are doing it. "I want to build an app to make money" is not good enough, as it doesn't inspire you or the people around you to keep going and persevere in facing many difficulties and challenges. How would you define your why? It combines all your life experiences, passions, and things you care about. If you think, "I want to help people with something because I went through it and leverage technology for scale," you are on track to build something great. Your engagement with Past 5 starts with discussing why you are doing what you are doing. Without the why your project's likelihood of success is low.

If you have a well-defined why for your project, great job! We are ready to set those highly challenging goals. Let's aim high and set goals that stretch us to the limit. If we set the goals too low or too long, the work will magically expand to fill the time allotted. If we set goals high, our teams will work hard to achieve them, and we will be ruthless with prioritization. Past 5 will work together with you to help you set those high-hard goals and link them to why you are doing the project in the first place. Only the necessary features should make it into the POC or MVP of the product anyways. Anything else is a privilege of a mature product.

After we defined the high-hard goals, we would work further to break them into smaller goals and achievable milestones. Incremental milestones are vital to the project's success, as they allow you to give feedback and adjust after seeing the progress. Once we align on the roadmap and milestones, we start working on the project immediately. You get complete visibility into the project process and progress and will be able to provide feedback at any time. You will also have the flexibility to change or modify the roadmap at any project stage to align with your rapidly changing business needs. When working with us, nothing is set in stone, and everything is changeable for the benefit of your business. We minimize your business, delivery, and financial risks by always being flexible.

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