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How to Curve Product Bullets with Customer Feedback Loops


Avatar of Sev Geraskin

by Sev Geraskin

Tue Feb 07 2023

  • A new startup building a new product is like an untrained sniper trying to hit a bull's eye from a mile away. You are likely to miss the target. Luckily, you have the superpower to change the trajectory of a bullet mid-flight.

    That superpower is called a customer feedback loop.

    What is a customer feedback loop?

    A customer feedback loop is a process that involves collecting customer feedback, analyzing it and then implementing changes based on the collected feedback.

    Why should you use a customer feedback loop?

    Feedback helps you build a relevant product, enhance customer relationships and make informed decisions. The loop lets you stay on top of what your customers think and how they react to your product.

    When should you start a feedback loop?

    As early as possible, usually at the proof-of-concept stage and throughout product development. If you are developing a minimum viable product version without a feedback loop, you are increasing the risk that the product will not meet the customer's need.

    How often should you get customer feedback?

    With the new product, you should use a short feedback loop measured in weeks, allowing you to focus on relevant features and pivot quickly. As the product matures, you can increase the length of the loop.

    How can you get customer feedback?

    • Send customer surveys about product features, usability, customer service, and overall satisfaction.
    • Monitor online reviews and ratings.
    • Track conversations and interactions in public forums and compare those with your competitors.
    • Conduct customer focus groups where you can directly talk to customers to get detailed feedback on specific features or areas of improvement.
    • Display a customer feedback form or a chat on your website or as part of your product to make it easy for customers to provide feedback.

    Prioritize customer feedback loops for any new product or feature you develop, thus curving your product bullets towards your targets.